“Relationships” is the central theme of the five three-dimensional works of art presented here. To enter into relations and maintain them, whether they are family-relations or connections with schoolmates, friends or colleagues, requires great effort. Interaction with the people around you demands full attention and involvement. Questions about solitude, friendship, health, loss, finiteness, power, suppression, love and faith can enhance or burden any relationship. Research of my own relationships in the parental home and in my job in education has inspired me while making these works of art. I am especially interested in the way in which childhood relations influence the manner in which a grown-up enters into any connection. The works of art reflect my thoughts on this theme. I chose the triangle as a symbol for the universal relation. You could turn the triangle in any way you like, but it will always reflect dynamics, power and solidarity. Because points are constantly interrelated to each other in my work, there seems to be no beginning or end: relationships are flowing into each other, constantly influencing each other and moving permanently. My works of art are an invitation to the spectator to become conscious of and reflect on his or her relationship(s): “How do I experience my relation(s)?”, “How are my relations influenced by my childhood relationships at home, at school, with friends?”, “What part do I play and what are my contributions in present relation(s)?”, “Which dilemmas are there for me to solve?”.