The concept for a work of art often comes intuitively: an idea, a memory, a picture that springs into my mind, an experience. From this idea or concept I start experimenting and gradually the concept develops. In the end I choose form, structure, content and colour. I usually try different materials, forms and colours. There is a clear pattern in my work: abstract forms, structure and repetition. And there is always a firm connection between the different elements of the work of art.

Colour is an important part of my visual language. When form, structure and content of the work of art are decisive, I use monochrome colours and let the natural colours of the material play their part. If I want to express versatility of a subject with my work, I use a variety of colours. Form, structure, content and colour should either be balanced or be off balance so as to give room for multiple interpretations.

The colour red is especially meaningful for me. It stands for movement, for life. My use of forms, structure and repetition is strongly influenced by my background and upbringing. My parents were opposite characters. My father was a constructional engineer who loved discipline, systematic work, structure and order. My mother, however, was obstinate, impulsive and autonomous. Both loathed show and pretence. You can see these elements in my works of art. In my opinion art must not necessarily convey beauty; what it should have is power of expression.